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Sisterhood of Surf 
Events and Retreats


Join our female surf community  

Hey! I'm Angie the founder of Sisterhood of Surf. 

Let me tell you how it started and why you would want to be part of our community.


I grew up around surf culture and surfing with my mum, dad, and my brother. To them, I was known as the queen of the whitewash. I could stand up on a board but only catch the wash.

 Over the past 5 years, I have gotten into surfing a lot more. And when the pandemic happened, I decided I would put myself into fitness training programs, hire surf coaches, and surf overseas whenever I had the chance with coaches. My surfing has improved and these days, I will get out whenever I can. The only thing missing was having girlfriends out in the water sharing something we both loved. None of my friends surfed.

So I decided to start taking Surf Fitness classes in the studio hoping it would spark interest and it did. 

So then I decided that I would host learn to surf days, hoping girls would love it and we could become surf friends and it worked. 

So I guess I built a community so that I could make surf friends.

 I also love bringing women together and I love seeing how happy they are when they catch that first wave.

So let's have fun, clear our heads and catch waves. 

Surfing to me is active meditation, when I'm out there nothing else matters. 

Our classes, events, and retreats are inclusive of women of all ages and all fitness levels. 

If you are a complete beginner we can help you learn to surf in a safe and professional environment. And if you already know how to surf, let's connect and let's surf. 

P.S we also make cute Tees and cute Towels. 



Learn to Surf, Caloundra 25th Feb (Sold out)

Learn to Surf, Caloundra 19th Mar (Spots open) 

7-Day Sisterhood of Surf Retreat - Xanadu, Lombok

Beginner Surf Retreat 

12-18th May 2023

SOLD OUT - waitlist only


Want to see what our 2022 events and retreats looked like? Watch our videos

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