I couldn’t take off my cardigan! My cardigan was my safe blanket of the shit I was going through mentally. I hated my whole body but particularly hated my arms. I never wore strapless or spaghetti straps. Everything I owned had to cover my arms. In summer I would find myself wearing cardigans with my going out dress!! Photos. I hated photos, because I had to face the visual of what I was feeling. Uncomfortable and Unhappy. I had become someone I didn’t want to be, miserable with who I was.

Deciding to do something about how I was feeling was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. It started with wanting to lose weight and not be sick anymore mentally and internally.

At first I worked hard for those wishes because starting is hard, being honest with yourself is hard, not taking the easy option is hard.

BUT something MAGICAL happened. I got MORE then just being able to wear strapless clothing. I got a confident, determined, happy, strong, life loving, self loving woman kicking goals in Life! And it all started with saying No More then taking the step of actioning it! I don’t want to feel like this NO MORE. My driver was holding onto those painful feelings of never wanting to return to the person who had to cover up her arms. Love the person who lives in your body 💗 Angie xx

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