5 Things that'll make you a better trainer

1 - Don’t train all your clients the exact same, Personal 1st Training 2nd.

I have personally experienced this first hand and let me tell you there is nothing worse when you tell your trainer what you want to work on and what you don’t like, then 2 sessions in they forget and train you like any other BOB. After reminding my old trainer for the 2nd time not to give me burpees on the 3rd time when he did I got rid of him. Don’t fail our industry by being lazy! Plan your sessions based on every single client.

2- Don't set your clients up for failure. Just because you might train 5x a week, 1 hour a day, doesn’t mean your clients can. Find out what they can do and help them get good at making it work. Teach them that everything they do counts. Teach them to find opportunities of movement. Teach them to get good at finding the time and sticking to it.

3- Continue to educate yourself. There are so many different things getting thrown around as healthy or weight loss these days, get smart and do your research before you tell your clients a new fad. Test the exercises you see, break them down and make sure they aren’t going to Fk your clients up In the future.

4- Become an expert of the body and keep refreshing your brain with anatomy and physiology. You don't need to talk to your clients in this terminology, just understand it.

You wouldn’t take your car to a mechanic who doesn’t know what parts connect to other parts, so why should someone bring their body to you if you don’t how things work.

5- Inspire your clients to love who they are, and to believe in themselves. Get to know your clients, their strengths, their weaknesses. Challenge them by pushing them to that point which they think they can’t do, but you know they can. This lesson over and over again is teaching them to conquer, teaching them to believe in themselves. This lesson is the most valuable lesson you can teach as a trainer.

Angie xx

Founder of The Active Sisters

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