What We’re All About

Established in 2018, but created in 2011 by founder Angelina Barth.

The Active Sisters was created to empower women to love movement.

After having years of health issues such as severe endometriosis, chronic fatigue, Angie doubled her body size, and became depressed from her health and a challenging upbringing. 

When Angie hit rock bottom mentally and physically she turned to the gym to try and get better. However was set up for failure by a personal trainer. Angie quit the gym and the vicious cycle started again. It was the decision to order OzStyle Aerobic DVDs to do at home that put Angie on the journey she is on now. Finding a love in Aerobics made Angie start to create her own movements and Dance Fitness tracks. 

This made Angie start studying Health and become a trainer. 

Angie was part of running large Community and Allied Health companies for eleven years. She ran her part time business on the side for 8 years (previously known as Live Love Be) In 2018 Angie did the Kokoda track and its on that track she knew she didn't want to keep doing both. She also wanted to change her business name to represent her philosophy. In 2018 The Active Sisters was born (Active = Fitness / Sisters = Sisterhood)  at the end of 2019 she decided it was time for her to hang up her corporate uniform and wear her fitness gear full time. ​

Angie is passionate about empowering women to start by finding something that they can do and start there.  Find movement that you love as it will help anchor many things in your life. Through the power of loving movement it unravels love in ones life. Energy, Confidence, Growth, Happiness and more!!

This has grown into a business offering a variety of classes and kick ass empowering trainers. 

Angie has been the Health and Fitness writer for Peninsula Life Magazine since 2018, and was named the 2nd Best Personal Trainer for 2020 in Redcliffe. 

Our goal is to expand The Active Sisters to other locations with the help of the right trainers and helping sisters anywhere throughout the world virtually in 2021.

We have TRX, Yoga, Dance Fitness, Boxing, Strength classes, Aerobics, HIIT, Active Ageing classes,  Bootcamps, Personal Training, Workshops and much more. 

Plus next door we have Coach Pilates. 


We love dance fitness, we love writing, we love fashion, we love inspiring, we love motivating, we love the outdoors, we love surfing / skateboarding, we love eating real food, we love travelling especially our second home of Bali.



Empowering Trainers



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